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Blasket Soul

This delightful poetry collection celebrates the landscape, lore and literary legacy of the extraordinary Blasket islands, a small archipelago lying off the west coast of the Dingle peninsula in County Kerry. The islands boast a fascinating history dating back to the Ferriter clan in the 13th century, and the Spanish Armada in the 1500’s, but are perhaps best known for the rich storytelling culture which emerged at the beginning of the 20th century, producing some of Ireland’s most famous Gaelic writers. This unique collection pays tribute to the beauty, wildlife and lives of those who once inhabited these rugged islands, capturing the very essence of the Blasket soul.

Come to the fireside and hear the stories old, legends of the land and sea oft by strangers told; folklore of the fairies and spirits of the deep, weaving tales of wonder in the realms of dream and sleep. In rich oral tradition, bequeathed from days of old, come let the mystery rouse your mind and captivate your soul…

Blasket Soul
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