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Sharing God's heart through poetry, prose and prayer

Here you will find a selection of devotional and other poems for your enjoyment.


He came humbly, helplessly, Sanctity stirring in the stable, Holiness meeting humanity. Salvation greeting, sin retreating Royalty reaching for his own. Glory in his tender face, Wonder in hers. The divine descending, hope transcending. Redemption’s reply to sin’s...

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The Promise

Silken to the touch, leafySheen of satin, delicateAs unsoiled velvet, Untainted, unadulterated,Polished clean, scarcelyDays old, freshFrom Spring’s labour,Fledgling green Newness of life,As it was in the beginning, atCreation’s inauguration,Every fibre treasuring a...

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The Power of Prayer

What privilege the Father’s given,Through gifts of prayer and close petition,For prayer sees Kingdoms merge as one,For man, for Spirit, Father, Son.A holy place where Spirit meets,A place where God the Father speaks,A place where vision becomes clearAs earthly shadows...

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Do Not Fear

He who holds the fledglings in the palm of His great hand,Grooms the wings that He designed like fluffy feathered fans,He who feeds them daily from Earth’s own natural stores,Protects and watches over them as wind and loud storms roar He who lifts them from the nest...

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Window over the World

Little Skellig viewed through the oratory window on Skellig Michael (Photo by Anne Herridge) Little Skellig centred through stony window frame,Here upon the greater rock which bears Archangel’s name,Watching o’er the world on Ireland’s western verge,Here where Michael...

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Christmas Night

Nights’ dark mantle hugs the globeWinter moonlight softly probes,Filters through the evergreens,Bathing fields in light sereneFrosted berries on silent treesDress branches now who shed their leaves,Shimmering stars shine bright and clear,Celestial witness through the...

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Don’t Be Afraid

Don’t be afraid now the time is near for the birth of my precious Son,Don’t be afraid of the days ahead, or unsure of the years to come,Know that the Light you carry within will guide your Mother’s heart,And that darkness will not overtake you, for angels govern your...

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Guardians of peace, young and oldAround the cenotaph enfold,Rank upon rank in uniformed row,Standing in silence, heads bowed low,Honouring comrades, their memories strong,With stories of battle through decades long In this moment their thoughts travel back through...

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Absent Friends

I bought some flowers for you todayArranged them for you, as if you’d stayed,Double pink roses in a crystal vase,Memories evoked from your garden past I sat at your piano again todayRemembering how you loved to play,Closing my eyes, I somehow still hearThe songs and...

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How dark a place I find I’m in,Because I fail, because of sinThe consequences now I bear,Of words and deeds spent without care. How can my Master look at meHe, who the depths of my heart sees?How dark my soul can be at times,How far from His divine design. Then comes...

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