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A Prayer for Father’s Day

God, thank you that you chose to be known as our Father and for being the perfect example of fatherhood, filled with love, understanding and forgiveness. We thank you today for our earthly fathers and all those who fill the role of father, asking you to bless them and lead them, giving them wisdom and discernment. Encourage them to look to you for guidance and example. We ask that you equip them to raise their children with understanding, integrity, encouragement and compassion as they seek to follow you and teach their children to know you. May they be vessels of your love to their children as they provide, protect and teach. We pray for those who struggle in their role as father, that you would give them your strength and remind them that you are parenting with them. We pray for those who are not yet fathers, that you would prepare them for their role and be their role model, and for those who long to be fathers, we ask that you would give them the desires of their hearts. We pray for those who have lost fathers, that you would come to them and comfort them. Your word says that in you the fatherless find compassion. May they, and those who have difficult relationships with their earthly fathers, come to know you as Father in a deep and personal way, and feel the magnitude of your love and compassion for them. As we think of dads around the world, we pray that you will truly turn the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers in honour, love and respect in a way that leaves a lasting legacy of love and godliness for generations to come. In your Name, dear Father we ask, Amen.


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  1. Richard

    That’s pretty deep. You are quite perceptive.

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