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Don’t Be Afraid

Don’t be afraid now the time is near for the birth of my precious Son,
Don’t be afraid of the days ahead, or unsure of the years to come,
Know that the Light you carry within will guide your Mother’s heart,
And that darkness will not overtake you, for angels govern your path

Know that the child you’ll hold in your arms in a stable on Bethlehem’s plain, 
Had the birth that I planned and designed for him, for the purpose for which he came,
Know that humility and servitude are where His Kingdom begins,
That only through renouncing royalty can he forgive humanity’s sins

Hold my Son close to your heart, for I know you’ll surround him with love,
Know that His fingers formed the earth, that his breath birthed the stars above,
Know that His face reflects my own, that his cries echo those of my heart,
Know that his words when he learns to talk, will my holy truth impart

Watch my Son closely and teach him well as he grows in stature and might,
Teach him my Word, but allow him to fall so with pain he identifies,
Don’t shield him from hurt, but let him embrace this world both divine and depraved,
For He is the Way, the Truth and the Life, and the One through whom man is saved

Know that when grown, the day will come when he’ll leave you to do my work,
A ministry waits to restore the oppressed and heal this world full of hurt,
Know on that day that I’ll give you the strength and the will to let him go,
That I share the joy and the heartache that only a mother can know

Know that your heart will one day be pierced with pain beyond that of his birth,
But know on that day that His sacrifice brings redemption to men on earth,
Know that he’ll reign and be crowned once again, and that every knee will bow,
Know that His Kingdom will have no end, of that I give you my vow

Don’t be afraid that the time is near for the birth of my precious Son,
Know you’ll bring forth the Living Word, the Messiah, the Chosen One,
Know that the Light you carry within will reach all that sin has defiled,
That hope is reborn on this holy night, as man is to God reconciled

The Kingdom is His, the glory and power, both now and ever to come,
So don’t be afraid that the time is near to meet Jesus, My Precious Son.

© Anne Herridge 2019


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