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Evening Prayer

Image by Jean Louis Tosque on Pixabay

Stay with me Lord as evening draws near,
May the light of your Presence dispel any fear,
Whisper your peace like the breeze on my face,
Surround me with truths that speak of your grace,
Protecting my thoughts as darkness descends
Safeguard my mind, my worries suspend,
May the lingering warmth of the sun in the west
Soothe my worn soul and prepare me for rest,
So that sleep and tranquility govern my heart
My burdens surrendered, no longer a part
Of the weight I have carried so far and so long,
Now given to you and exchanged for a song
Of peace, reassurance, stillness and grace
As you dear Lord, hold me in your embrace,
For you are the Holy one, ageless and pure,
Protector, provider in whom I’m secure,
May all blessing and praise be made to your Name,
My Father, my God, who forever will reign.

© Anne Herridge 2020


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