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For the Senior

“Useless and in the way”, is how you say you feel,
Your body’s slow and often tired as ageing seems to steal
Everything you had or did, as life becomes a chore,
Frustration, loneliness and pain, those are its cruel rewards

You say your eyes no longer see, it’s hard for you to read,
Your hearing’s weak and not so clear, it hinders every need,
Your hands are frail, your walk is slow, the hallway seems so long,
The mirror shows a wrinkled face, you see your beauty gone

You say you have no purpose now; the best days have passed by,
Your hope’s been robbed, your future’s bleak, it makes you want to cry,
But let me tell you what I see, when I look into your face,
I see a loving, gentle heart, a spirit full of grace

I see a loving grandma, and a mother in your eyes,
One who’s loved and lived and lost, and grown to be so wise,
A wealth of life’s experience we young ones need to hear,
We think we know what matters, but it’s you who knows what’s dear

I see just beauty in your face, each line and wrinkle earned,
They share the story of your life, the laughs, the things you’ve learned,
I see a radiant smile ingrained there in your cheeks,
I see the twinkle in your eyes through which your spirit speaks

The story of your life is as precious as the dawn,
You’ve seen and been through many things before I was even born,
You have a wealth of wisdom, the true reward of age,
You’ve borne your life with dignity, done well on life’s great stage

Your body, yes it might be slow, the hallway might seem long,
But don’t you see there at your side that angels cheer you on?
You’re not alone, and never were, not once in all your days,
A heavenly host is always there to guard your every way

Every day that you’ve been given was planned and meant to be,
You’ve been a blessing all your life if only you could see,
You’re sensitive and beautiful, an inspiration too,
You’re loved and cherished as you are, and just because you’re you!

    © Anne Herridge 2010



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