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How dark a place I find I’m in,
Because I fail, because of sin
The consequences now I bear,
Of words and deeds spent without care.

How can my Master look at me
He, who the depths of my heart sees?
How dark my soul can be at times,
How far from His divine design.

Then comes a whisper in the gloom,
A gentle voice that fills my room…
“I already knew your sin my Child,
I saw what Satan would defile..

I saw this day, before your birth,
And all your days upon the Earth,
And still I chose to bless your name,
Because it was for you I came…

I see the end result in sight,
I see your life now clothed in light,
I trust you more than you can know,
For on you, grace I have bestowed…

My work in you has just begun,
My plan for you is not yet done.
I know the places where you’ll fall,
The places where there are great walls…

I see your heart from inside out,
I know your struggles and your doubts,
I know the days when you will fail,
Yet nought but grace and love prevail!

Don’t fret my Child when you are weak,
Come, run to me, and hear me speak,
And speak to me, don’t hide your soul,
Let me heal and make you whole!

Take my hand, come walk with me,
I’ll guide your path when you can’t see,
Know that all I have for you
Is grace and trust that you’ll come through!

For long ago, at Calvary
I died for you to make you free,
I took the scorn, and pain, and blame
So you my Child should not feel shame…

My death back then was for all time,
Past, present, future, so you’d be mine,
Your sins are covered by my blood,
I paid the price, you’re free my love!

So come, my Child, look at my face
No disappointment or disgrace,
No condemnation here you’ll find
Just love, acceptance in my eyes…

Come, lift your face, now look at me,
For grace and pride are all you’ll see,
As I perfect your true design,
Because, dear Child, you are Mine!”


© Anne Herridge 2012



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