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New Year

Christmas wonder may be gone
Winter days may still seem long,
New splendour here I find this day,
New Year brings hope in fresh array!

Crisp bright day, unspoiled and pure
Clean blank page to start once more,
Tales that have yet to be told
As stories shape, and life unfolds!

Have no fear of what life lends
Of words and lyrics not yet penned,
It’s God Himself who writes the notes
Narrates a song of love and hope!

The words were written long ago
Before your birth, composed to show,
Each day ordained for you was set
Within God’s book, He’ll not forget

Have no fear this brand new year
His plans for you are true, sincere,
Days may not flow as you expect
Or work the way your hope directs,

Life may not be just as you dreamed
You might express “What should have been,”
God sees life’s canvas as a whole
He knows the nature of your soul

He knows the plans He has for you
To prosper and grow something new!
Not to harm or bring despair
But to grow your heart more fair!

Each step you take is in His hand
Paved for you just as He planned
When guilt or fear tempts your heart
Remember, you’ve been set apart

How in past years He had your hand,
How through the storms He helped you stand,
Showed how His plan was meant to be
For reasons clear, as you now see?

He’ll never leave you, nor forsake,
For wounded reeds He does not break,
With Him each day is new once more
With His strength you will endure

He knows the song within your heart
Will sing it back when it departs,
He knows the colours of your soul
Your dreams, your hopes, your every goal

Uncharted though the trail may seem
He chose the path that’s best for thee,
In every place that you will tread,
The Master’s there, He’s walked ahead

Your tale has much yet to be told
As His-story shapes and life unfolds,
Hidden blessings wait for you
Gifts yet to open, ventures new!

It has not entered heart or mind
His dream for you, his best design!
Treasures that you least expect
Joy in abundance, purpose yet!

May this year bring blessings new
Give thanks for old, look forward too!
For it’s God Himself who writes the notes,
Narrates His song with love and hope!

© Anne Herridge 2015



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