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Sharing God's heart through poetry, prose and prayer

Here you will find a selection of devotional and other poems for your enjoyment.

For the Senior

“Useless and in the way”, is how you say you feel,Your body’s slow and often tired as ageing seems to stealEverything you had or did, as life becomes a chore,Frustration, loneliness and pain, those are its cruel rewards You say your eyes no longer see, it’s hard for...

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When shall I tell you?

My Son, so content in my arms tonight How I wish I could hold you forever, my Light! When shall I tell you who gave you your Name, That you and the Father are one and the same? When should I tell you of the angel’s words, Of the night when seraph wings fluttered and...

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New Year

Christmas wonder may be goneWinter days may still seem long,New splendour here I find this day,New Year brings hope in fresh array! Crisp bright day, unspoiled and pureClean blank page to start once more,Tales that have yet to be toldAs stories shape, and life...

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